Our Pool!

East Bank Residential Pool

Limited Enrollment

This east bank pool is in Metairie, near Kenner. This pool, unlike our other commercial pool, is in a quiet residential surrounding, and is limited to Baby Swim and Beginners, ages 5 and 6 only.

You may register using our online application or by calling us at 504-430-4201. NO WALK-IN REGISTRATIONS ARE ACCEPTED AT WINIFRED POOL.

To view a map of the surrounding area, click on the image below.

Map of Alternate East Bank Pool
Map of 2716 Winifred Street
Metairie, LA 70003

Welcome to Mr Fish Swimming School, the premier swimming school for child swimming lessons, educating the Greater New Orleans area for 53 years.

We specialize in baby swimming courses for children ages 10 months through 4 years, where students are introduced to the water with an instructor and a parent or any adult partner. The adult partner DOES NOT need to know how to swim. Classes are in shallow water for the parent. The student is always in deep water.The only one who swims is the baby.

Age 5 and 6

We also teach age 5 and 6 beginners only. At these ages, the parents do not get in the pool. We have a comfortable waiting area from which you can watch the class.

See the bottom of the page for information about fearful and distressed students.

Swimming Courses

"Baby Swim" Program

Ages 10 months thru 4 years

Our Baby Swim program is the foundation of our swimming school. Infants and toddlers are instructed in a group setting where parents are encouraged to be their child's #1 Fan and swimming partner.

Mr Fish has an under-water-hands-off system, which is designed to produce independent swimmers at the earliest possible age. This basically means that we believe in letting them go as soon as possible, as long as they are ready.

"Baby Swim" OPG (One Price Guarantee) Course

20 lessons (OPG) - $440

Ages 10 months thru 4 years

This course has been designed to meet the specific needs of families and individuals such as pool owners, boat owners, families with waterfront homes, children in summer camp with pools, children who fish, etc.

These people need to consider  the water safety of a child (or children) to be paramount.

With this in mind the following 20 lesson course has been designed:

OPG Guaranteed Results after the 20 lessons for the following age groups:

Age 10 months to 2 ½ years are guaranteed to swim a minimum distance of 10' and to be completely comfortable in the deep water. This same student is *EXPECTED* to have a much better understanding of water and be far less likely to do something dangerous, particularly decisions made from little or no previous experience alone in deep water. The ultimate solution, at this age, is always parental supervision.

Age 2 ½ to 4 years are guaranteed to be completely comfortable in deep water and to have the ability to jump into a deep pool and swim back to the "side of entry" and to get completely out of the pool alone. We guarantee the following minimum distances:

  • 2 ½ to 3 yrs. - 15' minimum
  • 3 to 3 ½ yrs. - 18' minimum
  • 3 ½ to 4 yrs. - 20' minimum

Age 4 years are guaranteed to be completely comfortable in deep water and to have the ability to jump into a deep pool and swim back to the "side of entry" and to get completely out of the pool alone. This same student is guaranteed to be able to swim in a straight line a minimum distance of 25' in deep water.

Beginner Swimmers (Fearful or Courageous)

Ages 5 and 6

Because our baby swim program is so famous does not mean that our other beginner programs are not of the highest standards.

Fearful and courageous beginners alike are quickly taught all of the necessary skills needed to be happy, confident, and safe swimmers.

Our methods are relatively aggressive but NEVER include intimidation or unreasonable demands. You can tell how WE are doing by the smile on your child's face.

Take a look at our results chart to see your child's guaranteed results after 15 lessons.

Continuing on after the beginning stages...

More advanced courses are offered through Mr Fish at www.mrfish.biz at our other locations.


The cost of all 10 lesson courses is $250 per student.

The cost of all 15 lesson courses is $350 per student.

The cost of all 20 lesson courses is $440 per student.

The cost of all 25 lesson courses is $490 per student.


As long as the lessons are in the same teaching year, the results are for the added total. In other words, if you take a 15 lesson course and then decide to go for our Same Season 5 lesson Follow-up courses, you are guaranteed the results of the total number of lessons, in this case 20 lesons.

Click here to view a detailed chart of our results.

Fearful and Distressed Students

Some students become fearful or distressed at the pool for the first time. Our system is prepared for this and employs a friendly technique to deal with it.

About 75% of these distressed students become calm inside of the first 15 minutes of their initial class, and by the end of the first class are smiling and happy. The remaining few who will continue to be distressed must be temporarily removed from the pool if they continue to show signs of distress or excessive crying. Mr Fish's program employs the "Last 15 minute" system to adjust distressed students. When a distressed student is removed from regular class and remanded to the last 15 minutes, that student continues on his or her same schedule, but enters their scheduled class for the last 15 minutes only. Our belief is that too large a dose of fear reduction in not beneficial. Usually the fear has subsided in 2 or 3 lessons. We are very good at this task.

Lost class time is made up to the student by adding extra lessons at no charge to return the loss of water time due to the lase 15 minute procedure. The student will return for the following class and will do better each class. Once they are calm and comfortable, they will continue through the program like everyone else. Although this may be inconvenient, it is necessary to insure CALMNESS IN THE POOL!

What can we do to prepare for the first class?

Plan 1: Often, the best preparation is COMPLETE silence. The less your child anticipates what will or will not happen in the lessons the less anxiety or misunderstanding he or she will have at the first class. We do a very good job of establishing a productive relationship.

Plan 2: If your child does not like water on his/her face or head you might invent some bathtub game involving water on the face. The more water you ultimately get on to the face, the happier your child will be at class on the first day. If you cannot do this, no problem, go to Plan 1. We are prepared to take care of this.

Rain, Reschedule and Make-Up Policy:

This is the best feature we have ever offered!!

If you feel like you know when it will rain, or if it has already rained on your class time, and the sky is clear now, you can come to any of our 14 different classes without rescheduling. Just show up at a different time. The instructors will always be there and ... no muss, no fuss .. as long as it is the same day that a class was scheduled. You can come at any time without any notice. How's that for convenience! We love our customers and we are committed to make your children prosperous and your life as easy as possible.

You can reschedule; you can not make up missed classes. Rescheduling is allowed, no questions asked. However, it is completely YOUR responsibility to reschedule and provde all information regarding the rescheduling process. The guidelines are as follows:


To Reschedule, email mrfish@mrfish.biz

You cannot:

  • Tell the instructors at the pool
  • Ask for a double class on the spot at the pool
  • Extending classes for more than 15 past your original schedule may affect results.

When you reschedule, you must select a replacement class from our published schedule. You can reschedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you have made the change, it's done. You will not need confirmation; just return to the pool on your next scheduled date.

It is the intention of our rescheduling policy to assist our customers in arranging their schedules in more productive manners. Rescheduling will not be allowed in the event of normal rain. In the New Orleans area, more than 90% of rain clouds dissipate in 35 minutes or less. Rescheduling is for reasons other than thinking it MIGHT rain. If it is an obviously clear day, rescheduling can be done all the way up to 2 hours before the class time. To enhance your rescheduling opportunites, bear in mind that if you are scheduled for any one class on a given day, you can simply attend another class on that same day without telling anyone about it. The instructors will know who you are and your class will be honored on that day. How's that for convenience?

Evacuation and Storm Policy

In the unfortunate event of an evacuation due to storm, scheduled classes which are missed can be rescheduled to any available schedule at any of our pools which are open and functioning. It will be the customer's responsibility to reschedule immediately (within 5 days) after the crisis. Classes not rescheduled immediately will be lost. No refunds will be made in any circumstances.

Rescheduling to another pool

In the event that one of our pools will be closed for any reason (e.g. equipment failure, storm evacuation, construction, etc...) we reserve the right to reschedule your classes in their exact same form at any of our other pools.

This will hopefully never happen. God Bless New Orleans.