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Miss Brianne was taught to swim by Mr Fish when she was only 9 months old, and has been swimming ever since. Not only has she been on numerous swim teams throughout her grammar school and high school career, she has also spent over 5 yrs. teaching at numerous camps and schools around the New Orleans area. She is a certified Lifegaurd and Water Safety Instructor.

Miss Brianne is also very involved with school. She is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity, which is a Philanthropic based organization at Southeastern Louisiana University. Brianne is Public Relations Chairmen for Phi Mu Fraternity. Miss Brianne is also on the Dean's List at Southeastern Louisiana University. Miss Brianne participates in many childrens' charities around the New Orleans, Hammond, and Baton Rouge area's.

Mr Fish and all of the teaching staff, as well as many of our swimmers in the 2005 season, have had the opportunity to discuss with Brianne many of the charitable and Philanthropic events she has been participating in recently. We are all very proud that she has given so much of her free time and energies to such worthy causes.

Miss Brianne has been training personally with Mr Fish in the 2005 swimming season in a very rigorus swimming program designed after the Navy Seals swimming prerequisites. Brianne has completed all of the difficult tasks (e.g. 2.5 mile swim, swimming through burning combustibles at the ocean's surface, 2 minute underwater swim, survival while bound at the ankles and wrists, all life-saving and creative floatation exercises, as well as tired swimmer assist and towing injured personnel.)

What intrigues Brianne most about her simulated Seals training course with Mr Fish is that females are catagorically not allowed to participate in Navy Seal activities. Brianne as well as all the other ladies in this program are pleased to be challenged and are proud to have accomplished all of the minimum swimming requirements to be in the Seals program.

Swam for and taught swimming for 7 years at numerous camps, clubs, and swimming teams in the New Orleans area.

Third year with Mr. Fish Swimming School

Mr Fish taught Brianne to swim when she was 10 mos old.

Brianne is an alumni of Phi Mu Womens Fraternity at Southeastern University where she is a graduating senior majoring in marketing and communications. In Phi Mu, Brianne has served as public relations chairperson and intramural and vice president. At SLU, Brianne was also membership coordinator for Best Buddies International, vice-president of student leaders coalition, and a student government association senator.

We are very proud of Brianne and will do everything we can to insure her continued association with our program.