Adult Swimming Lessons

If you have taken swimming lessons before, and have not yet learned the skills you want to know, it is because you were not in control due to fear. Our methods are relatively aggressive but NEVER include intimidation or unreasonable demands. We GUARANTEE that you will be smiling by the end of your first lesson. You then have the presence of mind to learn the mechanics.

Once you're in control, learning the skills of swimming comes naturally and easily. We know that your Number 1 Goal is feeling at ease in the water and being in control in the shallow and in the deep, not just swimming pretty strokes that you can only do in the shallow. Therefore, what you learn from all of our classes is ease and control. That's Number 1. Once you learn that, the skills "just come."

Fearful and courageous adults alike are quickly taught all of the necessary skills needed to be happy, confident, and safe swimmers.


  • 10 Lessons : $250 per adult
  • 15 Lessons : $350 per adult
  • 20 Lessons : $440 per adult

Expected Results

Results after 15 lessons
  • Basic Orientation of Water
  • Swim a distance of 35'
  • Floating
  • Short swim across deep water alone


Date Times
May 21 – Sept. 6 7:00pm